Discover Our ‘Coup de Coeur’ at Beirut Design Fair 2018

1% Architecture

Two iconic pieces at the Beirut Design Fair from Architecture 1% turn heads at the fair. The two pieces epitomizes the 1% identity. To best describe this identity we ask Architecture 1% about it. “We refuse the culture of standardization, the relentless quest of the #instagrammable, in a digitized and impersonal world. Because we believe that each building, space, and object is unique. Because we value handcraftsmanship and seek to combine expert and artisanal competence, to design buildings, spaces, and objects with a purpose, a soul, and a strong identity. Because we believe this is the way forward to provide solutions for the architecture that will become tomorrow’s heritage,” they explain.

Made of hand-assembled and hand-painted laser cut plywood, the “Chaise Escabeau” is a tribute to Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld. It reflects their love of the great and ever-inspiring Bauhaus era and the modernists. When the back of the chair is rotated, it transforms into a stepladder.

Another piece of theirs with its curvy steel lines and voluptuous leather feel, is the “Chaise Corset”, which is an invitation to sensuality. It is a provocative piece which depicts the architects’ passion for raw materials and structural precision, natural ergonomics and masterful handcraftsmanship.